Nurtured Soul Studios won Shaw Media’s Best Of for McHenry County, IL for YOGA STUDIOS 2023!!!


Nurtured Soul Studios (The Studios) is a mental health healing sanctuary using yoga and barre’ classes as the means for personal growth. We are a trauma informed and integrated studio, with lead instructor, Rachel with whom is a certified yoga therapist. We are a safe container for you to show up as a you are and however you are.  We embody the true meaning of yoga, which means union. The union or connection of your mind, body, and soul. The more and more we can connect to our true essence, the more we will be living in our fullest and deepest potential.


Each class is curated for each student. What that means is that our teachers meet you exactly where you are. If you are new to yoga, SUPER. If you are advanced in your practice, AWESOME. Owner and teacher, Rachel has created a safe space encompassing all her years in and out of the studio. She is not only an advocate for mental health but a dedicated Reiki Master. Rachel is currently committed to her ongoing education and training by working towards her second masters which is a dual focus in yoga therapy and Ayurvedic medicine. This will enable Nurtured Soul Studios to be a licensed studio. Rachel recently completed her assessment to be a Master Practitioner through SoulFlow™ Embodiment. Her work in these modalities helps her fully understand exactly where you are and guides her to curate just the right class for you.


Our studio focuses on safety, cultivates an environment of learning while practicing yoga asanas (postures), through pranayama (breathing techniques), and fully understanding where you feel it in your body. Leaving each class you will feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to tackle your day/night.


In our group classes, you will laugh, learn about the connection between your mind, body, and soul while building relationships with the instructors and students. You will build confidence in your physique and strength to continue doing the things that bring you joy. You will build the self-esteem and self-awareness needed to stop comparing yourself with others. At The Studios we are committed to building a strong community both in and outside through occasional special events outside of our regular class schedule.


If you are looking for a space that you can be you, feel your feels, and heal from within, come check out why we we are considered One Of the Best Of in McHenry County, IL and we look forward to guiding you!!!




Rachel has spent her whole life either playing sports, coaching sports, and or learning about sports through body movement. She started as a dancer at age 3 and continued until she was 16 when she had to pick between playing sports or dancing. She chose sports and went on to play volleyball and softball in college. Her undergrad was in sports medicine / kinesiology and later went on to get a Masters in Project Management.


Rachel ended up in IT through various moves, life decisions, and traumas. She has continued her studies in nutrition, personal training, spin, and barre’. She is an e-RYT500, somatic embodiment master practitioner, Master Reiki practitioner, and she is also certified yoga therapist. She is an avid mental health advocate and speaker at local schools. She’s a published author and speaks frequently at corporations around mental health.


Not only does Rachel own a trauma informed and integrated yoga and barre’ studio, a dream since she first began her yoga journey back in 2010, she also has created the Mind.Body.Soul Method, a four part process to help heal limiting beliefs, rackets, and anything holding you back. She is also a successful coach and has created programs, such as Shake Your Chakras; using and understanding your own energy sources. She has also held women’s retreats at her home. Please check out her coaching page also.